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Your Bible Translating Community is your Christian community bible translation service and your best Christian bible translation website on the internet. Our community of expert bible translators will make you feel at home and quite comfortable in walking you through any Christian translation job you have. We at Christian translation will be your home away from home and we will make you feel like family. We will handle all your translation works professionally and uniquely like each one of you are. When you inquire about our translation services we will make you feel like you are the only customer in the world we are serving. Truly we do treat each and every client we serve as the only ones in the world we are serving. We will focus on your needs and give you our undivided attention on every detail of your translation project. tells the origins of the Christian community bible translation. This particular version was produced in the Philippines in English in 1988. The bible has been translated into multiple languages to help ordinary people understand the scriptures. The target audience was located in Third world countries. The bible has extensive commentaries to aide readers in understanding the biblical text.

Rev. Alberta Rossa, a Claretian missionary in the Philippines, with the help of French priest Bernard Hurault started the translation work in 1986 and 18 months later published the bible in 1988. The publishers of this bible version consider it to be an accurate translation from the Greek and Hebrew texts. The bible has since been translated into ten different languages.

Christian Bible Translation has been a key component God has used in history and in the present to get His gospel message to the ends of the world and we at have been called to be a vital part in this evangelistic move of God. unexpectedly found that 55% of bible readers read the KJV compared to 19% who read the NIV. Despite the fact that the NIV has topped CBA’s top selling bible list for decades and continued to sell mightily in 2013. According to, Gateway’s Stephen Smith, the KJV received 45% of bible-translation searches on google compared to 24% for the NIV.

The NIV continues to be a top seller in bookstores.
Lifeway conducted a study and found that 62% of Americans used KJV bibles. 82% of Americans, who read the bible regularly, also used KJV bibles.

Lifeway conducted a study and found that 62% of Americans used KJV bibles. 82% of Americans, who read the bible regularly, also used KJV bibles.

So we see that bible translations play an important role in American’s lives and from these studies it appears people have a high regard for the Word of God. Bible translation since the creation of time has been the way God and His people have transferred His Word from generation to generation.

Biblical translation is a must have in God’s Kingdom today. Bible translators translate the original scriptures into languages and versions that are distributed to the remotest parts of the world to people who otherwise would not have access to the Word of God. So we at want to be your translators of choice to bring the Word of God to those people who want and need it to change their eternal destiny.

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

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