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Christian translation in Malay we at have you covered even with Malay translation. We have Christian Malay translators waiting to translate any Malaysian Christian work you have to complete.

You can truly depend on us to produce for you the finest Malaysian translation available anywhere on the internet. We hold to the highest of standards in our translation works and we commit to give you exactly what you want when you order our Christian Malay translation services.

Our Malay translators are expert in the Malaysian language and the have the wisdom and knowledge to translate your works into Malaysian from any language or from Malaysian to any language. We are here to serve you in any way we can. We want you to be successful so we can be successful. Our client testimonies speak for us and we strive to give you the best translation service every time.

We have a very helpful feature to help you to choose us as your Malaysian translation service any time you have translation needs. We offer you free quotes on any size translation job you have.

Our heart’s cry and vision is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in Malaysia and to reach every corner of that land. God has called us to translate His work into all of Malaysia and we want to glorify God in that vision and we want to help you fulfill your godly mission. We are here to partner with you in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The translation of the bible into Malaysian follows certain parameters records establishing the standards of the Malaysian including grammar, spelling and vocabulary and the biblical concepts must make sense within the context of the Malaysian culture. Another factor to consider is who the target audience and how to reach them effectively. We at are sensitive to these matters and will uphold these considerations to the highest degree. this Christian Malaysian translation historical timeline:

1628-1638 Albert Cornelius Ruyl, published a Malaysian translation of the gospels of Mark and based on a bilingual Dutch text.

1646-The four gospels were published after Luke and John were added by Jan van Hasel this was based on the 1637 version of the Malaysian bible.

1651-Pastor Justus Heurn, a pastor, added the book of Acts and revised the complete 1637 version.

1652-Heurn and Hasel translated and published the book of Psalms into the Malaysian language.

1662-(Brings a major breakthrough in Malaysian biblical translation) Rev.  Daniel Brower translated the entire New Testament.

1691- Dr. Melchior Leidekker began work on the complete translation of the bible into Malaysian on the authority of church authorities in Batavia (present- day Jakarta).

1701- Dr. Melchior Leidekker died with 90% of the work completed but Rev. Peter van der Vorm finished the work that same year.

These are highlights of the timeline; for the complete timeline visit

Our Christian Malaysian translators are experts in the translation of their native tongue and they are more than willing to advise you and serve you in meeting your varied Malaysian translation needs. Please note would be more than happy to post any links you may have for sites that offer free Malaysian bibles.

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15

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