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Greek: The original Translation

Christian Greek translation it was one of the earliest biblical languages to be translated into many bible versions. The ancients translated the revelation of God’s Holy Spirit into Greek.

2 Timothy 3:16 says “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” That being said our translators at take this command in Timothy very seriously when it comes to translating your specific Christian Greek translation pieces.

We fully realize that Christian translation is anointed and directed by God. His Holy Scripture is the most important word we will ever translate whether it be into Greek or from Greek.

We have nothing but the finest native Greek translators any ministry could have. We take this translation ministry very seriously after all God Almighty called us to this work. We know how important it’s to Him.

We know it’s critical to you to get your Christian Greek translation projects (whatever the content may be) on time and in the highest quality translation there can be.

We make a heartfelt promise to you whom we serve that we will fulfill your highest expectations in every Greek translation job we do for you. We make this promise because we know you expect nothing but the highest translation services from us.

We want you to keep coming back to us so we can provide you with all our translation services. We are especially proud of our Christian Greek translation abilities because we believe it’s the best available Greek translation service on the internet. gives a rich tradition of Christian Greek translation works. Jews of Alexandria, completed the translation of the Hebrew Old Testament into Koine Greek which is known famously as “The Septuagint.” which derives from the Latin for “seventy.”

According to legend 72 scholars, in Alexandria, 6 each from the 12 tribes of Israel. Translated the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek and their versions were all identical thus proving the direct hand of God on their projects.

This information came from  this site also records that the Torah or Pentateuch ; which these new Greek scrolls were translated from kept these same names from the original Hebrew texts. This work went on for a very long time starting in the 3rd century BC and was finished in the second century.

This Greek version of the Old Testament was used by the early Christians who also had the New Testament in Greek.

In Origen’s work “The Hexapla” (from the Greek word six fold) he took six versions of the Old Testament and put them side by side in parallel form. He did this so it would be easy for Christians to study the various versions. tells more of this masterpiece by Origen. He accomplished this work sometime before the year 240CE. He basically made a version of the Old Testament in Greek. He placed his versions side by side in this order:

1. Hebrew

2. Secunda-Hebrew transliterated into Greek characters

3.  Aquila of Sinope

4.   Symmachus the Ebionite

5. A recension of the Septuagint-basically Origen edited this Hebrew text based on Critical Analysis

6.  Theodotion

This is how Origen originally put together his masterful work “The Hexpla”. So don’t forget to get in touch with us at to meet all your translation needs.

“but the word of the Lord endures forever.” And this is the word that was preached to you.” I Peter 1:25

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