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Not anyone can translate a Christian text, just as not anyone can treat a patient. It takes a doctor to treat a patient and it takes a Christian Translator to translate a Christian text…

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Always Available

Christian Translation is ready to assist you in translating your Christian texts into any language.

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We are proud of our dedicated and experienced Christian Translators teams worldwide.

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All our translations are performed by a real person; a brother or sister in Christ, we NEVER use machine translations.

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We specialize in translating any type of Christian text into any possible language combination. We only accept Christian materials, since it is our goal to assist you in reaching the world with your message. We translate into more than 150 languages.

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We at Christiantranslation.com have been established as the best Christian Translation Service on the internet. Since our founding, we strive to give you nothing but the best Translation services you can find on the internet. Each one of our translators is an expert in their chosen language and knows the translation business very well.

We have picked the best translators who deliver top-notch translation work every job and we guarantee you will receive the best quality translation service every time! Trust us with your Christian book translations, Christian books translation jobs and Christian book translation services.

We are all about these types of services and we will deliver translation work you will be proud of and excited to show off to your clients.


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Christian Translation - English Bible History

http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/ reports a dramatic tale of how the English Bible came into existence. According to their historical account John Wycliffe opposed the Catholic Church for their teachings which were against the teachings of the bible.

He translated, in the 1380’s, the Latin Vulgate into English hand written manuscripts.

Finally from 1525-1526 William Tyndale, translated the New Testament into English. He fled to Germany from England and showed up a Martin Luther’s door to complete his translation.

He was forced to leave England because the word got out that he was translating the New Testament into English; he had too many opponents trailing him to try and stop his monumental project.

These are amazing examples of a Christian book Translations.

Your Christian book translation jobs worries are over you have clicked on the premium Christian book translation job site: Christiantranslation.com we offer services like other Christian Translation sites but the difference is we will go the extra mile to meet your needs. We place high value on customer satisfaction and we breathe

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…” for we do every translated work for Jesus and to glorify Him only.

We reflect His glory in every word we translate. We are not in the translation business to build a reputation for ourselves (we do want an excellent reputation in the world but that is not our main objective) but to magnify and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ who called us to this work in the first place.

We are here to truly serve you in God’s Kingdom and we really do care about your translation projects.    

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My experience working with Yeral E. Ogando, CEO of christian-translation.com has been excellent.   I prayed for God’s direction when looking for a suitable Christian translating service, and as usual God enabled me to hit a bullseye when I engaged this company.   Translating Christian material requires the work of those who truly know Jesus…

We have been using the services of Christian Translation for our sermons at the church for several years. We are very pleased and blessed with the translation services and Christian teams involved in translating our materials all the time. Praise the Lord for them!

Abraham P Pastor

I am a regular user of your Christian Translation Services. I am very satisfied on the translations you have performed and are continuously performing for my ministry into 10 languages so far. We will surely add more languages and will continue using your services. Outstanding.

Jack Vroeg Bible Professor

Christian Translation’s team has been a great blessing to us and a big help in spreading the gospel to foreign people. They have created subtitling for our missionary videos and translated our books into several languages. We are grateful for this ministry.

Michael Pregent Missionary

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