Conferences and other public meetings and events listed below can be a great opportunity to have an intensified exchange and debate on a particular research issue of your choice. They allow you to emerge from the solitary working conditions of doing PhD research and make contact with colleagues in your field. The chance to verbalize and discuss your ideas face to face as well as to find out what other students and academics have explored in related areas can be invaluable and further the development of your research.

Here is what we do when organizing summits:

  • Planning and scheduling of dates and meetings;
  • Finding facility for the conference;
  • Negotiating rates with the facility;
  • Providing technical support such as computer and projector;
  • Making banquet arrangements;
  • Assisting in accommodation and transport services;
  • Planning spouse programs;


Assisting in accommodation and transport services from $239.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);
Negotiating rates with the facility from $300.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);
Finding facility for the conference from $399.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);
Making banquet arrangements from $449.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);


Improving your leadership skills may seem like an uphill climb.  You might be telling yourself, “I’m not a leader.  Some people have leadership abilities, but I simply don’t have any.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Anyone can lead when the necessity arises, so we all have some type of leadership abilities inside of us.  Of course leadership styles vary greatly from person to person, and sometimes these skills do need some development before they can come out.

What are 5 reasons for personal development?

There has been a lot of talk about personal development in recent years and for good reason.  The world is changing faster and faster every day.  Right now there is a real trend in which people seem to be moving away from traditional jobs and moving into self-employment.  Twenty years ago, you were lucky to stay in the same job for your entire career, but now everyone is reaching higher and wanting more all the time.

How to Overcome the Financial Crisis – Combating Negative Thinking?

Dealing with financial problems isn’t easy for anyone, but those problems are often compounded by a negative mindset.  Of course right now you may be wondering how it is possible to avoid being negative during a time when your finances are in a shambles, but there are several coping mechanisms that can help you get your mind out of the negative, self-defeating rut you’re in.

The Importance of Education?

Through the years there has been much debate about education versus experience.  While both are important, it is essential to realise that for young people, education is critical.  Without education, our young people won’t have the tools they need to affect great changes in life.  If you don’t know enough about the world around you, why would you bother making the effort to change it?