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Maori Christian Translation

Maori Christian Translation   Maori is also known as “Te Reo” by the Maori people in the eastern Polynesian language group. The language is mainly spoken by the Maori people in New Zeland, Cook Islands Maori, Tuamotuan and Tahitian. Having

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Covid19-Christian Translation

COVID19 – Christiantranslation.com We at Christiantranslation.com have been monitoring the situation all over the world with our worldwide Christian Translators. We are working closely with our Christian Translators who have suffered themselves from this unprecedented situation. In some case, close

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Christian Spanish Translation

Translate into all the Spanish World God has raised His translators for such a day as this to translate the Gospel into Spanish to reach the lost for His dear Son Jesus. Christian translation Spanish is a critical cog in

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Christian French Translation

Go into All the World with Christian French Translation Do you have lost relatives living in France or some other French-speaking country? Let us at Christiantranslation.com help you reach those lost and hurting ones. Let us translate all your Christian

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Christian German Translation

Germany: Gospel Translation is coming!  Join us at Christiantranslation.com and fight with us by letting us translate all your German Christian works so together we can reach the farthest parts of Germany. Christian translation German is our cup of tea

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Christian Greek Translation

Greek: The original Translation Christian Greek translation it was one of the earliest biblical languages to be translated into many bible versions. The ancients translated the revelation of God’s Holy Spirit into Greek. 2 Timothy 3:16 says “All Scripture is

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Christian Translation in Malay

No Better Way than to Translate in Malay Christian translation in Malay we at http://www.christiantranslation.com/ have you covered even with Malay translation. We have Christian Malay translators waiting to translate any Malaysian Christian work you have to complete. You can

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Christian Bible Translation

Your Bible Translating Community Christiantranslation.com is your Christian community bible translation service and your best Christian bible translation website on the internet. Our community of expert bible translators will make you feel at home and quite comfortable in walking you

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